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Social Stories

Hi, I wanted to share a listing of social stories I found on the internet.
This is a great reference. Here is the social story I adapted for Jacob.

Personal and Hygiene Social Stories

Bathroom Stories

My Going Potty Story
Once Upon a Potty
Going To The Bathroom In A Public Place
Using the Toilet
Using a public bathroom

Clean Hands Story

Lets Keep Our Hands Clean

Getting Dressed

Getting Dressed

Brushing Teeth

Brushing Teeth

Eating Food

Food Makes Me Feel Different

Being Clean

Being Clean

Bathing and Showering

Bathing and Showering

General Hygiene

General Hygiene
Picking My Nose
Nose Picking Is Gross
I Need A Tissue

Hair Cuts

Getting a Hair Cut


Inappropriate Touching

When Touching is Bad

Wearing Glasses

Wearing Glasses and Taking Care Of Them
Wearing Glasses


Respect 1
Respect 2
Whole Body Listening Activity

Manners/Social 2

Not Always Saying What I Am Thinking
Not Listening
Tuning Into People
Personal Space
Time Out
No Answers From Others
Asking a question, you know the answer to.
Calling Out
When I Feel I Must Talk


Feeling Happy
Feeling Sad
Crying - Page 1
When Can I Scream
Calming down
Being Angry
General Feelings
How Does It Feel?
Time To Relax

Hugs, Kisses and I Love You

Social Kissing


Making Converation


Can I Sniff Your Hair
No Biting
Picking My Fingers
Positive vs Negative Thoughts
No Biting Story

Playing With Friends or Siblings

Asking Someone To Play
Being A Kind Friend
Playing With Friends
When Friends Come To play

Playing With Friends or Siblings 2

Playing Games - Page 4
Winning and Losing
Play Dates


Eye Contact
Greeting Adults
To Greet Others
People I Can Talk To - Page 4
Potty Words
Good Times to Get Attention

Making Choices

Making Choices
Making Green or Red Choices

Figures of Speech



Military Mom and Dad

Nice Hands/Naughty Hands

The Middle Finger
Nice Hands/Naughty Hands
Hands To Myself
What Is Bad Touch

More To Come

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