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Home and School Social Stories

Social Stories

School Social Stories

Going To School


Substitute Teacher
Teachers Job and My job
When Teachers Come Help Me Learn


Speaking Distance
Its Ok To Make a Mistake

Break Time/Lunch Time

Taking A Break
Break Card
Lunch Time - Page 30

Special Days/Vacations

Picture Day
Summer Vacation

Standing In Line
Walking In The Hall

Lining Up
Hoola Hoop Space
Walking In The Hall
Walking Calmly In School

Circle Time

Classroom Safety

Fire Drill

Classes and Specials

PE Class
Assembly Routine

Clean Up

Work Experience -Cleaning the Kitchen

The Playground

Field Trips

Bathroom School

The Bus 1

Learning To Use The Bus
School Bus
Personal Space On The Bus
To School and To Home

The Bus 2

James is a Good Bus Rider

Home Stories


Bike Safety
Why Do I Wear a Seatbelt

Home Misc.

Keeping My Room Clean
Table Manners
Grounding and Consequences
Opening/Closing Doors

Holiday Stories

Trick of Treat Story

Toys and Game



Mom/Dad Going Away

Mommy is Taking a Trip To Massachusetts

Becoming a Big Sibling

Interactive Video - Big Brother/Sister

Playing With Siblings


Sports - General

Being Sick

Illness Picture 1
Illness Picture 1


Going Places

Going To The Doctor

Going To The Dentist

I am Going To The Dentist

Going To Mass


Fire Department

Going on a Plane


Going To McDonalds
Going To Wendy's

Camping Out

Camping Out


Going Bowling

Parking Lot Safety

Miniature Golf

Playing Outside


More To Come

More To Come

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