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Autism Social Stories, Information and Printables


Informative Autism Websites
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Autism Social Stories

Going To School

Going to School By Myself
Getting Ready For School
Going To School

Circle Time
Fire Drill

Personal Hygiene

Brushing Teeth
Using the Toilet
Using the Toilet (Under Hygiene)
Bathroom Rules
General Hygiene


Tuning Into People
Personal Space
Time Out
No Answers From Others
Asking a question, you know the answer to.
Calling Out
When I Feel I Must Talk


General Feelings
How Does It Feel?
Time To Relax
Positive vs Negative Thoughts

Playing and Playdates

Playing With Friends
Play Dates

How Does it feel

How does it feel?
To Greet Others
Nice Hands/Naughty Hands

Home Misc.

Keeping My Room Clean
Interactive Video - Big Brother/Sister
Joining a Basketball Team


Petting a Dog

Going Places

Mom Goes To The Hospital
Going To The Store

Taking an Airplane Trip
Miniature Golf
Going To The Movies
A Trip To The Farm

Autism Printables

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